French Fries “Shots”, A Novel Food for Parties  

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French Fries, the golden boy of party menus.

French Fries: Quick, Convenient Finger Food

Parties, planned or unplanned, can be a big hassle if you are the host. From entertaining your guests to serving a menu that is awe-inspiring, well-received and well-reviewed, being a host could get on your nerves if you have the slightest doubts. 

While sushi rolls, paneer tikkas, smoothies, vegetable fritters, et al could easily be the top contenders for quick-fix menus, nothing could come closer to frozen french fries, like the ones by Hungritos.  

Hungritos French Fries

Ready-to-cook frozen French Fries by Hungritos – French Fries (Classic) and French Fries (Peri-Peri) – could be your numero uno choice of nibble food. Hungritos French Fries are made from the best handpicked Dutch potatoes and deliver magical bite-sized Moments of Happiness for the family. The fries are frozen and packed in ziplock pouches for freshness. 

You need not fret any longer if guests turn up at odd hours, or if you need to plan a quick-fix treat for kids — simply unzip a Hungritos French Fries pack to share bite-size happiness moments. You need not thaw the frozen fries. 

Just pick the desired quantity and deep fry them in a pan or bake them till they attain a golden color – crispy on the outside and mealy, on the inside. 

The extra-long and crunchy Hungritos French Fries when prepped in your kitchen, and dusted with the specially curated Peri-Peri flavor would be an instant hit. Ready in less than 5 minutes, the frozen fries are a handy option for quick bites. 

Dip them in tomato ketchup, or cheesy dips in shot glasses and spin bite-size happiness moments for all your guests. They look classy and taste novel. 

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