Easy-Peasy Cheesy French Fries 

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How often did a craving for cheesy French Fries made you order them online or drove you to a QSR for the perfect gooey regular fries or masala fries? Now Hungritos brings to you Hungritos French Fries (Classic) and Hungritos French Fries (Peri-Peri) both of which will deliver the same experience in a very easy-peasy manner.

All you would need to cook up Cheesy Fries is a bag or two of either Hungritos French Fries (Classic) and/or Hungritos French Fries (Peri-Peri) or both, depending on who all has similar cravings as you do. And, pick up some mozzarella cheese, sauces/dips of your choice, herbs like oregano and thyme, some onion and garlic powder and milk before you plan the binging. 

Below is an easy recipe of CHEESY FRENCH FRIES. Try this out or share your own recipe in our comment section below.


1 packet of Hungritos French Fries (Classic) or/and 1 packet of Hungritos French Fries (Peri-Peri)

Mozzarella Cheese (500 gms)

Butter (200 gms)

Herbs – Thyme, Oregano (2 tbsp each)

Onion Garlic powder (2 tbsp)

Milk 3 cups

Cooking Oil (350 ml)

Sauces/Dips (optional, as per choice)

Peri-Peri (2 tsp)/(Hungritos French Fries (Peri-Peri) packets have 3 sachets of our unique Peri-Peri masala)


Warm oil in a pan.

Take french fries from the packet in batches. Do not thaw.

Fry the fries till golden brown in hot oil. Keep aside in a bowl.

In another pan, bring milk to boil. Put Mozzarella Cheese and bring to a boil.

Season with herbs and onion garlic powder. 

Let the sauce attain some consistency before taking the pan off the burner while stirring it all the while.

Pour the sauce over the French Fries. 

Sprinkle Peri-Peri over the Cheesy French Fries before savoring with sauces/dips of your choice.

The crunchy and mealy Hungritos French Fries will melt in your mouth with the cheesy topping, we promise. You could dish out the cheesy fries and many other recipes with ready-to-cook Hungritos French Fries (Classic) or Hungritos French Fries (Peri-Peri) in less than 20 minutes. They are convenient, mealy, and deliver bite-size happiness, we promise. 

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