Environmental Sustainability

  • Replacing 11% of fossil fuels used in our plants with fuel pellets made of agriculture refuse like groundnut shells etc.
  • Nearly 35% of electricity consumptions at our existing plants is planned to be catered using solar power.
  • IBF’s new facility at Sabarkantha is designed to have 60% of its power consumption met by photo energy generated by on-campus solar fields. Taking a huge leap to embed sustenance in
    our system.
  • A ZLD (zero liquid discharge) system has been designed for our Sabarkantha facility, where 65% of the treated effluent stream will be purified and reused.
  • The biogas generated during the effluent treatment process shall be used to drive a biogas
    generator, which will produce green energy for consumption.
  • Peels of potato become animal feed and deposits become fertilizers, additionally starch that is
    extracted is supplied to glue and paper industry.

Social Sustainability

  • IBF gives utmost importance to safety and equality for all. We build our facilities maximising worker safety and ease of job.
  • Proper sanitation and dining facilities are available at all our facilities.
  • An equal opportunity employer where all employees are insured for health and medical expenses along with other benefits.
  • Workshops are conducted to monitor mental health of all team leaders, yoga camps and periodic fitness programs for employees to enlighten and foster physical health in one and all.