French Fries: The Golden Boy in Indian Kitchens 

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Potato: The Staple of Most Households

Potato could well be the golden boy of most households in India. With per capita consumption of potatoes in the country standing at 25 kg (as of 2020), as reported by the Helgi Library, the tuber sure is the uncontested staple in Indian kitchens.

With its ubiquitous influence over Indian cuisine over generations, the tuber commands a share of 20% in total vegetable spending. The annual domestic table consumption varies between 32-35 million tonnes, depending upon prices and availability, says a report by The Economic Times.

While tomatoes, onions, and potatoes, popularly known as the TOP vegetables, are the three largest cultivated, produced, and consumed vegetables in India, the potato was way ahead of the other two in terms of production (as of 2018-19), as per the Agricultural Value Chains in India.

French Fries: The Golden Boy in Indian Kitchens 

Indians love their potatoes in multiple forms — roasted, deep-fried, boiled, baked, and even mashed! Indeed so. Ask anyone in Eastern India and they will swear their love for aloo sheddo – boiled potato – a humble delicacy enjoyed with rice, mustard oil/ghee, and hot green chilly. 

And then, there are French Fries. Who possibly can deny the lure of French Fries? The long, crispy, golden fries, sometimes made with just salt, and at times with turmeric and chilly powder, is a savior of most kitchens especially when hunger pangs strike the kids or the entire household. 

Indians betting big on their deep-rooted knowledge of traditional spices don’t shy away from experimenting with the fries. So you have sesame French Fries, Peri-Peri fries, herb fries, potato mojjos, crinkle cut fries, cummin French Fries, French Fries with mustard and curry leaves, you name it, and every second Indian kitchen would boast of having its customized French Fries recipe.   

While most Indians still prefer to make finger foods out of fresh vegetables, convenience and an increased shelf-life of frozen ready-to-cook options like Hungritos, for instance, has made several switch to frozen food as well. Hungritos French Fries (Classic) and Hungritos French Fries (peri-peri) are novel food variants that can substitute for fresh potatoes and deliver bite-size meals in less than 10 minutes. The Hungritos French Fries could be fried or baked, and could well substitute fresh potatoes in the regular French Fry recipes. 

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