Our Agrarian Roots

Iscon Balaji Foods is promoted by entrepreneurs hailing from varied streams & pioneers of different industries, who are weaved together by what they have in common “A Farmers Heart”.

  • During the embryonic stages of the journey, we at IBF discovered that the farmers were relying on just 2-3 varieties of potatoes, struggling with yields and were prone to market fluctuations. To address these shortcomings IBF introduced 3 new European varieties of crop to its growers, farming them at a contracted price. These varieties paved way for better yields and hedged the farmer against the market fluctuations and glut situations.
  • IBF established collection centres and farm level infrastructure to foster ease of business for its growers in the region.
  • IBF has all its grower’s farms GPS mapped and has weather stations installed in all geographies operated by the agriculture department.
  • Frequent reminders on farm level practices (POPs), weather forecasts & necessary instructions are broadcasted via messaging services to our growers in their local dialect.
  • A dedicated agronomist is assigned to every 25 growers to ensure adequate education to the growers and their teams for effective implementation of policies and practices.
  • Today IBF farms nearly 25,000 acres of land with its growers, commercially farming 10 types of potatoes (both of Indian and European origin) ensuring yields up to 42 tons per hectare.
  • Every grower in the system has an additional stream of income pertaining to the undersize & grade outs potatoes generated at farm level at the time of harvest. This eco system has resulted in an increase of income at the farm level by 40-50%.