Aloo Tikki The Nation Street Food of India

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It is India’s no.1 traditional street food which is made with boiled potatoes, Indian Spices and herbs. Aloo tikki is made from potatoes in the form of patties usually deep fried for making these patties Crispy and very crunchy. 

So Hungritos have recreated this irresistible tikki which compliments convenience at home and for sure, you get the best street style tikki in no time, without hassling making in the kitchen.

Here are two methods for making Hungritos aloo tikki.

1. Bake/ Air Fry Method of Aloo Tikki: 

Are you fitness freak or health conscious, still fond of yummy street side aloo tikki at home?

So, you’re at the correct place!! 

Method to make at Air Fryer 

Glaze oven tray with cooking oil. Preheat Oven / Air fryer to 220°C. Cook till desired crispiness / color is achieved. Recommended cooking time: 12-14 minutes.

2. Deep Fry Method of Aloo Tikki

We got hold of common people, if you don’t like it baking or air fried tikkis, then the method is: 

  • Preheat oil in kadhai / wok to 182°C
  • Take desired quantity of product from freezer and fry directly
  • Put product gently into hot oil and fry for 3 minutes

“ I am literally humming- “Mein To Raste Sey Ja Raha Tha ”, then I took an irresistible bite of aloo tikki, soo  crispy and soo crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. My taste in music has changed over the years but this song always reminds me of the speciality of street chats in India.” 

What is Aloo Tikki

It is simply a symphony of Aloo, aromatic spices and love!! They are crispy and crunchy. Aloo Tikki is often made in two ways, one just normal aloo tikki and other with chickpea curry or Bangal Gram (Chana Dal) Curry. 

They are: 

  1. Crispy and Crunchy
  2. Perfect tea-time snacks
  3. Made as side of chawal or roti
  4. Easy to make at home (With Hungritos Ready to make aloo tikki sliders)
  5. Can be adapted to make different types like chaats, burgers or wraps.
  6. Can be made with leftover boiled potatoes (if not making it with Hungritos)
  7. Can be made on oil, oven or airfryer
  8. 100% Vegan, gluten-free and soy free!! 

Aloo Tikki Variations:

100 Ways to enjoy! However, Sharing some: 

  1. You may have the tikkis just the way they are for a tea time snack, with some ketchup.
  1. These ordinary patties may be transformed into mouth watering Delhi Streetfood Style Aloo Tikki Chaat by adding chutneys on top, chilled curd, nylon sev, chaat masala, and red chilli powder as garnishes. Chaat is made with two varieties of chutneys: Mint Chutney, which is prepared with hung curd, mint, and coriander leaves, and Imli Chutney, which is made with tamarind pulp and dates (or jaggery).
  1. In addition, add Ragada (White Peas Curry) to make Tikki Chaat Mumbai Style.
  1. Another common street meal in India is Aloo Tikki Burger, which you can also create with these potato cutlets.
  1. And more! Place the potato patties into tortillas or rotis to make Tikki Wraps, Frankie, or Kathi Rolls.

Yes, there are plenty of choices! Let your creativity go wild!

It Is healthy & gluten Free:

Indeed, there is no gluten in this dish. In order to bind the potato patty mixture, I used gluten-free corn flour. It is therefore appropriate for a person who is gluten intolerant.

Aloo tikki is always best for vrat/fasting

The same recipe can be used on days of vrat or fasting. Use tapioca flour or singada flour instead of cornflour, breadcrumbs, rice flour, and poha to bind.

In Conclusion:

In addition to being a well-liked street snack in India, It is a multipurpose meal that showcases the nation’s extensive culinary customs. 

Aloo Tikki is a versatile food that may be eaten as a crunchy tea-time snack, turned into a delicious chaat with a variety of toppings, or combined into creative varieties like burgers and wraps. 

There are countless ways to use this versatile food. It may be modified to meet fasting or vrat needs because it is adaptable and gluten-free, making it appropriate for anyone with dietary restrictions. 

It’s now simpler than ever to experience the real flavour of this popular meal at home with Hungritos’ ready-to-make Aloo Tikki sliders. 

So enjoy the addictive crunchiness and soft inside of Aloo Tikki, which is reminiscent of the busy streets and bright flavours of India, whether you choose baking, air frying, or deep frying. 

Allow your palate to explore the rich and varied world of Aloo Tikki, where each mouthful is a harmonious blend of spices, flavours, and affection.

Try Hungritos Aloo Tikki Sliders! 

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