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French Fries

French Fries, the favorite finger food of one and all; ubiquitous in a menu in QSRs; the go-to food at get-togethers, or a slumber party, being savored by countless foodies worldwide without much thought, carries with it a legacy perhaps many of us are not familiar with as yet. Here are some fun facts about French Fries for those who dig into them:

Interesting French Fries Facts

  • Potato, a native to America, traveled continents to become a staple of many geographies, before being transformed into French Fries that catapulted it to a new orbit of stardom. 
  • American soldiers are credited to have invented potato fries in Belgium during WWI, while the French and Belgians are perpetual contenders for French Fry inventors.  
  • The Belgians, French, Spaniards, and Americans have been contesting claims of who has been consuming maximum fries.
  • At 38 inches, the world’s longest curly french fry was delivered to an Asheville customer in 2013.
  • An overwhelming majority of Britons – over 80% – buy frozen French Fries. 
  • Indians consume 1.25 lakh MT of French Fries per annum.
  • Most QSRs cook these finger chips or French Fries multiple times to achieve crispier, mealier fries. 
  • Peri-Peri Fries and masala fries have caught the attention of Indians who love their fries spicy and tangy.
  • The Guinness World Record for the most expensive French Fries (2021) is held by a restaurant in New York whose Crema dela Creme Pommes Frites costs $200.
  • French Fries eating competitions are extremely popular among foodies.
  • Each individual serving of fries is close to 85 grams or about 15 fries. No wonder they disappear so fast!

Frozen French Fries

The popularity of the finger food has given rise to ready-to-cook frozen French Fries. Among other brands, stands Hungritos whose French Fries (Classic) and French Fries (Peri-Peri) could let you savor as many fries as you want. With unique Peri-Peri masala, you will crave more Hungritos fries. 

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