Some Amazing Cheesy Food Facts

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We all know cheese makes us happy, but did you know that cheesy foods can also boost moods, relieve pain, and regulate sleep?

Let’s Dig Deeper,

Can cheesy food items relieve mental and physical pain?

In a nutshell, yes, cheesy food items can reduce pain.

Recent research has proven that cheese releases feelings of euphoria. As Cheese contains a specific chemical called casein, which reduces excessive mental pain.

Can Cheezy food make you happier?

Cheesy food items indeed trigger feelings of happiness as they boost happiness hormones when consumed.

As Cheese contains tryptophan, which helps enhance mood.

This is why each bite of Hungritos’ cheesy corn chalks is called bite-sized happiness. (hungritos)

Is it a Myth or fact that consuming cheesy food before going to bed can cause you nightmares?  

It is a Myth! It is often heard that eating cheesy food items before going to bed can cause nightmares, which is wrong. In recent research by the British Cheese Board, cheese has calcium, which creates melatonin, a hormone that regulates body stability and sleeps. 

So, you can have cheesy food whenever you feel like it. 

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