Peri Peri French Fries: A Deliciously Spicy Twist to a Classic Finger Food

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French fries are a popular finger food across the world. They’re a great Finger food for any occasion, which you can enjoy with ketchup & mayo or sometimes other homemade sauce. However, have you ever had peri peri French fries?

This spicy take on a classic finger meal is sure to fulfill your yearning for something spicier.

In the blog, we will talk about how to find peri-peri masala in markets and shops, how to cook fries at home, how many types of fries there are except peri peri french fries, and how much it will cost if you buy from shops. 

Where will you find ready-to-make Peri Peri French Fries?

Ready-to-make peri peri French fries are commonly available in the frozen food department of most supermarkets or allotted stores by the company itself. They could also be accessible in ethnic food-focused specialty stores or through online merchants or e-commerce sites like Flipkart or Amazon. Additionally, peri peri French fries could be a menu option at some restaurants and food trucks.

How to Cook Peri Peri French Fries at Home

Peri peri French fries are a very popular finger food in India nowadays. Here is the recipe that makes the best, crispy, and tasty restaurant fries at home.


  • 3 large-sized potatoes
  • 2-3 tablespoons of peri-peri power or seasoning (The unique blends of spices like chili, paprika, and garlic give a unique twist and kick to the fries)
  • Salt as per your taste.
  • Oil for frying

Instructions to be followed:

  • Wash the potatoes and peel them. Cut them into strips, or just simply use a french fry cutter.
  • In the bowl, mix the peri-peri masala with salt. Add all the strips and toss them to coat them.
  • Let them marinate for 20 minutes, which allows the flavor to infuse.
  • Take a pan or pot and heat oil for deep-frying the potatoes when it reaches 375°F.
  • Carefully add potatoes to the pan and fry them until it is light golden brown.
  • Take out the fries from the oil using a slotted spoon and place them on paper, tissue, or a towel to extract the excess oil.
  • Garnish the fries with more peri peri masala and serve them tangy and crispy on any occasion with your friends and family.

How Many Varieties of French Fries Will You Find in India?

In India, there are varieties of French fry options available at chain restaurants or any munching food stall.

  1. Classic French Fries: Crispy and salted fries are the most popular type of french fries in every Indian restaurant and household. It is usually served with mayo or ketchup.
  2. Masala Chatpata Fries: This type of fry is seasoned with chat masala, or blended Indian spices like cumin and coriander powder, giving it a spectacular Indian essence.
  3. Cheesy French Fries: That molten cheese looks delicious on the fries, right? These are covered with cheese and many other toppings like bacon or chicken for an extra non-vegetarian kick, or sometimes just cheese!
  4. Curly Crispy Fries: These fries are just beyond awesome fries, with their unique curly potato fries usually seasoned with salt and pepper.
  5. Crispy Potato Garlic Fries: These fries are tossed with parsley and garlic. They have bold flavors that enhance them uniquely, making them a popular choice for garlic lovers.

These are a few Indian French fries choices, which are popular in India because of their unique tastes and flavor. 

How much do Peri Peri Fries cost?

The cost of fries depends upon your location and the restaurant you are buying them from. Many world-class restaurants have partnered with finger food giants, like Simplots for the US and McCains for India, which is the major supplier of french fries to McDonald’s, and many more whose products vary in price.

In general, the cost of fries can range from 150 to 300 Indian rupees (estimates $2 to $3) for regular servings (300 gms to 500 gms). Some finger food chains serve peri peri French fries in their combo meals like burgers, drinks, or sandwiches, which are very cost-effective options.

Customers should ideally query about the price of peri-peri fries before placing the order. Sometimes, the price changes due to some factors like, the cost of ingredients, availability of the item, etc.  

Why are peri peri French fries popular in India?

India is known for its spices and spicy eating habits. It’s a fact that 80% of Indians eat spices. Peri-peri fries are nowadays a very popular finger food in India, especially for those who enjoy spicy food. 

Peri-Peri is one of the popular seasonings in India, and a lot of Indian Restaurants have started offering it.

Overall, the popularity of these fries is due to their bold and spicy flavors, which every Indian loves to have in their meals.


In India, peri-peri fries are a highly popular and savory choice for those seeking something novel in the way of french fries. Spices’ twisted tastes give it a fiery masala touch that is powerful and hot.

There are two ways to prepare Peri Peri French fries: either making fries at home and mixing peri peri masala or making ready-to-make fries at home and seasoning them with the peri peri masala The former may be more expensive, but it will still provide you with the same crispness and 

Anyone can easily enjoy this as finger food; just pair it with burgers, drinks, or sandwiches. So if you’re looking for that kick instead of those regular French fries,

Then, one can easily grab Hungritos Peri Peri French fries from the nearby shops and try making them at home without any hard work.

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