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Frozen Food

In today’s fast-paced world, frozen food has become one of the most important things among consumers and the saviour for busy individuals and families during any occasion. Frozen is not just about the convenience we talk about, it can also be about culinary adventure waiting to be explored, without any hassle of making it or driving to that exact place to savour the best. 

In this blog, we will deliver you the fun side of frozen food which can elevate your journey with frozen food. 

Dear readers, here are some mind-blowing fun facts on frozen food before you try Hungritos Frozen Finger food.

The Origin

Do you know frozen food is actually from China?? No, we don’t!! Yes, it is when people used ice cellars to store food, which kept any food for a longer period without mitigating the nutritional value of the food. 

However, it was in 1920 when Inventor Clarence Birdseye, revolutionized frozen food by developing a modern quick-freezing process for the food industry. 

NASA And Frozen Food??

Do you know NASA played a very significant role in advancing Frozen Food Technology? How? Freeze-drying and vacuum-sealing were developed to create lightweight, compact, and nutritious meals for astronauts during space missions, which of the many eventually made their way into consumer products. 

That’s Interesting right??

Myth is destroyed!!

It is very normal to think frozen food is less fresh and nutrient-dense than freshly made food! But it is wrong! 

Frozen foods are equally nutrient-dense because they are frozen at their peak ripeness, preserving all vitamins and minerals.
So, next time you buy frozen food from the market, buy it without worrying!!

Aloo Tikki & French Fries popularity:

Aloo tikki and French Fries are the most popular finger foods across India and can be served on different occasions. It is also the anytime food for the Indian population. 

But who makes such a hassle to make such finger food at home? Nowadays. People are just buying frozen finger food to satisfy their hunger without prolonged time spent making this in their kitchen. 

Some brands are famous for their frozen finger food products, and one of them is Hungritos. (varieties available on the product page).


Yes, the world is beyond frozen Pizza and French Fries!! 

Sneak Peek at Indian Market! We got varieties too!! We got Aloo Tikki, Sliders, Corn Chalks, Mojjos and many more. However, you’re still confused about where to buy.

Hungritos is your Hero!! Where you will find varieties of like Corn Cheese Burstz, Aloo Pop-Corn, Potato Mojjos, French Fries Classic, French Fries (Peri-Perii, Kids Veggie Slider, Aloo Tikki Slider, Classic Herbed Slider, Cheese Corn Chalks. 

Try Karo!! 


Yes, you can’t keep frozen food outside of the freezer and call it frozen food. 

Preservation can save your food for longer than 12 months without significant loss of nutrients if it is not finished within 1 week!! 

It is Safer than you think!!

Frozen Food is generally safer to eat even after extended periods of storage!! 

When you freeze items it eventually freezes the nutrient value of the food. So when you thaw it is equivalent to fresh food you eat.

Frozen Food, Around The World!!

Frozen food is consumed globally, with each culture adding its own cultural and regional twists. For example, Hungritos Aloo tikki Slider gives that authentic twist of Indian cuisine and French Fries Peri-peri, giving a unique twist to Indian taste buds with Peri-Peri masala. 

Time Saver and Pocket Saver:

Any frozen food Items are time-saving and pocket-friendly. Nowadays people choose products that are convenient and equally pocket-friendly, we agree upon that, right?  

It is a quick solution for busy individuals and people who do like to hassle buying things every time

Sustainability is a Must!!

The Industries are focusing on being more sustainable by either creating eco-friendly packaging or by making resealable and reusable packets to reduce carbon footprint from nature. 

So, next time if you try any frozen food read these facts and try Hungritos frozen food.

Jao Try Karo!! 


Q1: What is Frozen Food?

Any food that has undergone a freezing procedure, often at temperatures below 0°C (32°F), to maintain its freshness, flavour, and nutritional content is referred to as frozen food. 

To stop the growth of microbes and slow down chemical reactions that can result in food spoiling, the temperature of the food must be lowered until the water inside it freezes.

 Fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, prepared meals, and a vast range of other products are all included within the category of frozen food.

Q2: Is Frozen Food Healthy?

The type of food, how it is cooked, and how it is stored are some of the variables that affect how healthy frozen food is.

 For instance, frozen fruits and vegetables are frequently seen as nutritious since they are flash-frozen immediately after harvest, keeping their nutrients.

 However, some processed foods and frozen meals could come with extra salt, harmful fats, or preservatives.

For consumers seeking healthy frozen options, it’s essential to read labels, choose products with minimal additives, and opt for whole, unprocessed foods when possible. Additionally, frozen food can be part of a balanced diet when combined with fresh and whole foods.

Q3: Who Invented Frozen Food?

Clarence Birdseye, an American inventor and entrepreneur, is widely credited with developing frozen food as we know it today. Early in the 20th century, Birdseye created a technique for quickly freezing food without sacrificing its flavour or freshness.


As you dive deeper into the frozen food adventure, alway keep in mind that it’s not just about convenience- it’s also about magical gateway to the world of taste, innovation and tantalizing flavors hidden, where you will get  numerous moments of enjoyment.

So go ahead and try some good & tasty finger food, offered by Hungritos today!! 

Jao Try Karo!! 

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